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3 Easy Steps To Systematically Finding New Clients Online

Do you ever find yourself wishing more clients would find you online?

Hitting a major dry spot in your business is never a great fun, but it surely is a sign of room for improvement on systematizing your lead generation. Over the time and many trials, errors and tweaks, this is what I figure out worked for me.

When creating a new lead generation source I use these steps and they work well in finding and reaching new clients online…

The better job you do identifying your ideal clients the better “quality” or higher suitable clients you will be finding.

Step by step process

They are all in different places in their business cycle and faced with very different problems they are looking to solve.

1) Your job is to:

- get super clear on who your ideal client is
- understand fully what their current pleasure and pain points are
- confident on what type of issues you can successfully resolve for your clients
- succinctly get that message across in an obvious way

2) Once you know who your ideal client is, it is far easier to find where they gather. It largely depends on your clients interests, but for my niche I prefer:

- FB groups (business entrepreneur, social, specific interest groups)
- LinkedIn direct outreach

3) Engage potential leads in creative ways:

- offer to solve their problem
- offer an assessment
- respond to their questions
- engage in conversation about something they posted

And then just rinse and repeat while fine tuning your process.

Not getting any leads while engaging online is many times a results of not having a full CLARITY on who your ideal client is and putting it into a message that actually resonates with them.

To make the process of 3 easy steps to systematically finding new clients as easy and as simple as possible, I have created a super easy shortcut for it in a form a simple worksheet.

Attract New Clients Cover
GET MORE CLIENTS by getting crystal clear about your message:

- get on your ideal clients' radar, so you can get noticed and have THEM start reaching out TO YOU
- have them see you as an expert you really are, so they are eager to buy from you and you get yeses more often
- become their obvious choice so you can stop worrying about competition and create regular stream of new clients
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